Friday, January 31, 2014

fight fight fight

aaaaaaaaaaaaakkk !! this last semester made me crazy. i must have sooo many box of shabr, smile, spirit, and pray. 
ya, people always complain what she or he did, actually the problems. ya problems it mean not only one problem but problems.
i have read a good quotes in indonesian language. 

it say "Manusia tidak ada yang sempurna, pasti punya masalah. Begitu juga masalah tidak ada yang sempurna, pasti ada solusinya."

i agreed with this quotes, we have to make a positive thinking to our life. we don't have to blaming others or may be blaming ourselve. just do what you have to do. love what you do. do what you love. Insha Allah it'll be the greates momments, activity, or everything on your every single day.

our God say that

"laa yukallifullahu nafsan illa wus'aha" 

we have to try so many strategy or everything to make our problems disseapear from our life. but Allah promise that He will change our life if we try to fight the problems. kita kudu semangaaat !

wes capek boso inggrisan haha